My new bike!

Hey everybody!

Just a few days ago I got a NEW BIKE!!  It is a mountain bike I also have a BMX which is built for tricks at the skate park!  It was an early birthday present!  It has 21 gears so I can ride pretty easily.  😀  I got it the when I went for  hair cut my Dad said lets go look at the bike shop and all of a sudden I had a new mountain bike! 🙂   It is green and black and there’s a little bit of white on the seat.  I love it it makes ridding around a hole lot easier!  I also have a dirt bike!  Its orange and black its really heavy I haven’t really taken it out for a spin yet but my Dad has! 😛  Do you know any good flat dirt areas?  I need to find one so I can practice.  🙁  Do you have a dirt bike? 😛

                                             What type of bike do you have?

                                                   What color is your bike?

                                       What tricks can you do at the skate park?

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6 Responses to My new bike!

  1. briggsy says:

    Hi angus! 😀
    my bike is a BMX, it is blue and black but i cannot do any tricks. i am really cautious and i do not wan to hurt myself, so i would not even try. 🙁
    from sam, signing out.

    • pigman117 says:

      Hey Sam!

      Some people do not like to do
      tricks and thats ok, because thers
      always a risk of getting hurt.

      Form the pig on a skate bord! 😀

      • Harry. E says:

        Hi Angus,

        My favorite type of bike is a mountain
        bike. I also have the same bike as you
        but a different colour. What’s your favorite
        type of bike?

        From Harry

  2. Mrs Murphy says:

    Dear Angus,

    Well two of my favourite things.. green and black and BIKES! I love riding bikes as well, but mostly I ride with the children in a trailer now. When I am not riding with the kids in the back, I do like practicing bunny hops. We normally go to the skate park or go to the dirt track in Geelong which is a great place to try on a mountain bike or BMX.

    Where is your favourite skatepark?
    Mrs Murphy

    • pigman117 says:

      Hi Mrs Murphy!

      I have seen one of those bikes
      with the tralier on the back!
      My Dad can do bunny hops and, my
      favourite skate park is the
      one just a skip and a hop from

      from the pigman

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