Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn

Hello everybody! 😀                                                          johnjfreeze.deviantart.com

I thought I might do a post about earth’s mightiest hero!  😛 As well as the universe most evil villain! 🙂  NYAN CAT and TAC NAYN!!! :O  Nyan cat is my FAVOURITE super hero he/she is awesome I don’t know wether it is a boy or a girl. Hmm…?  Anyway Nyan cat farts rainbows and Tac nayn farts deathbows instead of being colorful it has no colur what so ever.  It dose have grey and white but that’s it. Nyan cat has a poptart body and Tac nayn has a waffle  body! 😀  In a youtube video they have a massive fight it is AWESOME!!! 😀  Fat cat saves Nyan cat’s life and gives him a chance to defeat tac Nayn and he dose.  Fat cat is a fat cat with a dognut body!   🙂

Do you like Nyan cat or Tac nayn?

Do you have Nyan cat?

what do you think of Nyan cat?

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2 Responses to Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn

  1. Bethany says:

    Hi Angus, 🙂
    We don’t know what Nyan cat is, can you tell us?
    From Bethany and Abbey. 🙂

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