Psy-GANGNAM style

Hey everyone!                                                                

Do you know GANGNAM style the BEST SONG EVER!!! 😀  I LOVE IT!!!  Psy is pretty cool but the song is better.  If I could ask Psy anything then i would ask him how he came up with GANGNAM style!  I would also ask him how much money has he made.  He must be a billionaire with all the albums he has sold!  I would love to be able to make a song like that!  Plus I would be a billionaire!!  Wop-Wop-Wop-Wop-WOPANGANGNAM style!!! Actutelly was listening to it when i did this post! But I also like other song like Iron man by Black Sabbith and banaran by skrillex! 😀  😛

                                                      What are your favourite songs?

                                                      Do you like GANGNAM style?

                                                     Do you know GANGNAM style?

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11 Responses to Psy-GANGNAM style

  1. Travis says:

    Angus I have some video of you doing the gangnam style dance which I m
    Am saving for your 21st birthday video.

  2. briggsy says:


  3. Nathaniel says:

    Hay Peeps,
    ive never ever ever ever ever ever listened to gangnam style. Mums thinking about letting me watch the clip and listen to it but i still never ever ever ever ever watched the clip or listened to it!!! i realy have a lot and i mean a lot of favourite songs [but i wont list them because theres too many].
    from Nathaniel

    • pigman117 says:

      It is the BEST!!

      See-ya from the pigman

    • Bethany says:

      Hi Nathaniel, 🙂
      NOW YOU HAVE! 🙂
      I don’t think it’s apropriet for little kids NOT like you but prep, 1,2!
      Hey, that ryms.
      From Bethany and Abbey. 🙂

  4. gobstopper says:

    Hey Angus
    Robbie and Pat here to say Oppa Gangnam Style.
    I reccomend Thrift Shop
    Pat reccomends Battle Scars
    Seeya Robbie and Pat singing out

    • pigman117 says:

      Hi Robbie and Pat!

      I have heard thrift shop I
      really like it! Hey malcum
      can we go to the thrift shop
      what? what? what? Did you know that
      a thrift shop is what Amaricans call
      a op shop!

      From the piggyman

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