Ghost’s and evil spirits

Hello Pigman here!                                                                                             All most everyone knows about vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons,   monster and most inportanly ghosts!  I know it may sound silly but I believe in ghosts evil spirits that never got buried cursed to wander the earth for all eternity! 😛 I don’t believe in zombies, vampires or werewolves but I do believe in ghosts and demons!  True evil people get cursed to be demon hated be everyone and everything! 😀  Some people say there house is hunted or there car is hunted or what ever!  I know a lot about ghost demons and other supernatral thing I like to study them when ever I have spare time!

                                                     Do you believe in supernatural monsters?

                                                                 Do you believe in ghosts?

                                                                  Is your house hunted?

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6 Responses to Ghost’s and evil spirits

  1. briggsy says:

    hey angus! 😀
    did anybody else feel that?
    nevermind. great post! 😛
    from sam, signing out.

  2. Harry. E says:

    Hi Angus,

    I don’t belive in supernatural monsters
    or ghosts, but I belive in spirits. Not ones that
    hunt you. Hey Angus, do you belive in supernatural things
    or ghosts?

    From Harry

    • pigman117 says:

      Hi Harry!

      yes I do belive in ghost
      and spirits but thats it.

      From the pig man

      • briggsy says:

        i certainly believe in ghosts, spirits, and demons living in a parallel universe to ours. Scariest of all: ghost demons! 🙁
        ghosts are completely awesome, but what is your favorite spirit tale? mine is the story of ju on grudge.
        from sam, signing out.

        • pigman117 says:

          Hey Sam!

          It is freaky to think that you ither go to hell or heven!
          My favourite spirit tale is ju on grudge.
          But I will inform you if there are any other ones that take my

          From the piganator

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