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One of my favourite things to do is camp I LOVE IT!!  My favourite things to do when I go camping is have a BIG camp fire! 😀 I all ways go camping at Devils Kitchen there are heaps of old mines and there is a river its got every thing!!! XD  My uncle owns a block out at Devils Kitchen so we all ways camp there! He has a camper trailer out there so we sleep in that! 😛  🙂   We also go and chop down trees to make room for were my uncles new house will be and so we have wood for the fire! 🙂

                                                 What is your favourite place to camp?

                                     What is your favourite thing to do when you go camping?

                                              Do you have a camp fire when you go camping?


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  1. Harry. E says:

    Hi Angus!

    Speaking about camping, I love
    Man vs Wild! It’s soooooo cool!
    I also love camping, and I’m living up
    a reputation of Bear Gryills. Making little huts,
    wandering around for food (I’m not actually
    going to kill a hole deer or something like that! Mabye
    just a fish.) And I love rock jumping!
    Mabye the outdoors is for me?…….

    From Harry

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