Darren Shan

Hi everyone it’s me again!

My most favourite books are done by Darren Shan the number one master of horror! I’am addicted to horror books and I have been on a search to find the best horror books of all time, and Darren Shan is number ONE!  He dose child horror books which are the saga and adult horror books which are known as the Demonata my favourite are the adult horror! 😀   In the sires of the Demonata the book are Lord loss, Demon thief, Slawter, Bec, Blood best, Demon apocalypse, Death’s shadow, Wolf island, Dark calling and Hell’s heroes!  🙂  I’am only up to number two Demon thief. 😛

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite type of book?                              glogster.com

Have you red Darren Shan?

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8 Responses to Darren Shan

  1. Mrs Murphy says:

    Dear Angus,

    You have been very busy! What amazing posts and I think it is great how you are responding to each student who writes to you. That is fantastic.

    I am amazed that you like horror books. I can think of nothing worse than sitting down with a cup of tea and reading horror… I am afraid I would be jumping out of my skin and spilling tea all over myself. I like travel books and adventure books. I like books that export me to new places.

    When you are not reading horror, what other books do you enjoy?
    Mrs Murphy

    • pigman117 says:

      Dear Mrs Murphy

      I also like adventure books but I like horror more! 😛
      I started to like horror by goosebumps by R.L stine!
      I am almost never not reading horror!

      From PigMan117

    • briggsy says:

      Hi mrs murphy! 😀
      my favorite other type of books would be fictional adventure. fiction because it has monsters, dragons and some random guy carrying a sword. YEAH! 😛
      from sam, signing out.

  2. briggsy says:

    Hola! 😀
    my favorite book is also horror, by far! and darren shan is my favorite author aswell, and my favorite is the young adult demonata. 🙂
    if anybody wants to read any Darren Shan books there are some of the japanese comics in mrs murphy’s tub of library books! but i do not know if you might like them, because they even have a sign on the back from the collins book publishing company: WARNING! SERIOUSLY SCARY! 😉
    from sam, signing out.

  3. gobstopper says:

    I absoluotly love Darren Shan I have read the first book Lord Loss. I tried to find demon theif but iI couldnt all the store had was Dark Calling and Hells heroes i got them both 😀 I also found a different series than both the ones you mentioned it was called city of snakes and it looked awsome. Darren Shan is my number 2 author my favourite author is Derik Landy who wrights skulduggery Pleasent. I read Demonata too! I’m going to read the saga next!
    Seeya Robbie

    • pigman117 says:


      I have already read some of the saga
      but I like the Demonata better! 😀
      I haven’t read skulduggery but I think
      it would be a good book! 😛

      From pigman117

      PS. Do you have any skulduggery I could borrow?

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