Hello everyone!

I am doing this post because I play basketball and so do meny other people.  I am in a team called the Manta rays! But the judge said I was to old to PLAY!  What!

Anyway the Manta rays players are Harry, Sam, Max, Charlie, Campbull, Max, Robbie, Cody  and the people that used to be in the team where Ethen, Finn and ME!  By the way when I said Max and Max it wasn’t a mistake there are two Max’s in the team Max.M and Max.P.

Do you have a team?                                                                                 

If you did have a team what would you name it and what people would you have in it?

Do you like to play basketball?

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11 Responses to Basketball

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Angus

    Your blog hjas been going well.

    I have a team and i go for coutas.

    I play every monday and I have Lilly, Gabby, Eddie, Tilly, Milly, Sophie and more they are in my basketball tea.

    Your tean sounds nice.
    From Jessica

    • pigman117 says:

      Dear Jessica

      Thank you! 🙂

      I used to play on wensday but I
      would have ratherd to play on mondays
      though! 🙂
      Your team sounds nice too!


  2. oscar says:

    hi guys it is oscar here.
    i like your blog. how did your old team get in to diveishoin four to diveishoin two thatis were good.
    from oscar

  3. Eleanor m says:

    hi everyone
    i do like besketball but i am am not
    very good at it and i do not have a
    team because i do not play

    from Eleanor

    • pigman117 says:

      Dear Eleanor

      It dosen’t matter if your not
      good at basket ball because you
      are good at other things!
      Like drawing!

      From PigMan117

  4. Charlotte H says:

    i do like basketball, if i had a team it would be called the rockets
    and i would have all my friends in a team

    • pigman117 says:

      Dear Charlotte
      Sounds like a great team name! 😀
      I think the best people to have
      in a team would be your friends!


  5. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Angus,
    I dont play basketball, i actually play cricket.If i had a team id name it COOL, but i dont know anybody that play basket ball.When I was in prep I loved basket ball now its not realy my sort of thing.
    Buy Nathaniel

    • pigman117 says:

      I didn’t know anyone in prep that
      played basketball ether. 😀
      COOL I never thought of that for a
      basketball team name but its a
      good one!


      • Nathaniel says:

        Hi pigman117,
        The name cool
        was actually the first thing that poped into my head. I realy just randomly think somthing up and use it… no seiriusly i do!
        se ya Nathaniel!!!

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