Welcome to my blog!!!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I have made a blog that everyone can comment on!  Gamers, chefs, sportsmen and anyone else who wants to! I would like to thank Mrs Murphy for helping me with my blog! As you might already know I am obsessed with pigs. I really hope you like my blog and have a great day! Also PLEASE comment every comment help’s to keep my blog going!

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10 Responses to Welcome to my blog!!!

  1. Jude says:

    Hey Angus,
    It is Jude and Eliot.
    Congratulations on making your blog.
    Oh and when did you get obsessed with pigs?
    It’s concerning.
    See you later, Jude and Eliot

  2. Mrs Murphy says:

    Dear Angus,

    What a great start to your blog! And no need to thank me, just thank yourself for the 1,001 times you requested to have a blog and the fantastic comments you have done throughout our class blog to earn one.

    I am very interested in the chef side of your blog as we have noone blogging about food yet, and I love talking about food! I eagerly await those posts.

    Great start and I am not back in again until next week, so please ask Finn or Sam to show you how to change your tagline next. Your tagline is the bit at the top that says “Just another global2 blog”… since you are not “just another blog”, it would be great to hear the things your blog will be about, for example, food, games, sports, etc!

    Great enthusiasm and a great start to your blogging career Angus. Well done.
    Mrs Murphy

  3. cody s, says:

    Cody S, says
    And I kinda agree with sam on the pigman thing but no presure if you want to be a vegitarian

  4. cody s, says:

    no afence if you dont want to be a vegitarian

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