Hey everybody!

I got a new PS3 on my birthday a few weeks ago its awesome! I only have two games for it portal 2 and little big planet.  My favourite is portal 2 its the best game ever aside from fast and furious and minecraft. The PS3 can even play movies and music! You can also get troufes from your games!

Do you have a PS3?

Do you have portal 2?

Whats your favourite game on it?

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My new bike!

Hey everybody!

Just a few days ago I got a NEW BIKE!!  It is a mountain bike I also have a BMX which is built for tricks at the skate park!  It was an early birthday present!  It has 21 gears so I can ride pretty easily.  😀  I got it the when I went for  hair cut my Dad said lets go look at the bike shop and all of a sudden I had a new mountain bike! 🙂   It is green and black and there’s a little bit of white on the seat.  I love it it makes ridding around a hole lot easier!  I also have a dirt bike!  Its orange and black its really heavy I haven’t really taken it out for a spin yet but my Dad has! 😛  Do you know any good flat dirt areas?  I need to find one so I can practice.  🙁  Do you have a dirt bike? 😛

                                             What type of bike do you have?

                                                   What color is your bike?

                                       What tricks can you do at the skate park?

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Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn

Hello everybody! 😀                                                

I thought I might do a post about earth’s mightiest hero!  😛 As well as the universe most evil villain! 🙂  NYAN CAT and TAC NAYN!!! :O  Nyan cat is my FAVOURITE super hero he/she is awesome I don’t know wether it is a boy or a girl. Hmm…?  Anyway Nyan cat farts rainbows and Tac nayn farts deathbows instead of being colorful it has no colur what so ever.  It dose have grey and white but that’s it. Nyan cat has a poptart body and Tac nayn has a waffle  body! 😀  In a youtube video they have a massive fight it is AWESOME!!! 😀  Fat cat saves Nyan cat’s life and gives him a chance to defeat tac Nayn and he dose.  Fat cat is a fat cat with a dognut body!   🙂

Do you like Nyan cat or Tac nayn?

Do you have Nyan cat?

what do you think of Nyan cat?

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Adventure time

Hey everyone!                                                                                                                           

I thought I should do a post about my favourite show the awesomest ever!  I absolutely love adventure time!  I like Jake better than Finn.  Its just you can’t get much better than a shape shifting dog but if it were a pig it would be better! 😛  My favourite princess is LSP it stands for lumpy space princess! 😀  she is soooo funny!  Its weird that Finn’s a human and everyone else is not.  Hmm….

                  what is your favourite princess?

                    Do you like adventure time?

                  Do you like Finn or Jake better?

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Psy-GANGNAM style

Hey everyone!                                                                

Do you know GANGNAM style the BEST SONG EVER!!! 😀  I LOVE IT!!!  Psy is pretty cool but the song is better.  If I could ask Psy anything then i would ask him how he came up with GANGNAM style!  I would also ask him how much money has he made.  He must be a billionaire with all the albums he has sold!  I would love to be able to make a song like that!  Plus I would be a billionaire!!  Wop-Wop-Wop-Wop-WOPANGANGNAM style!!! Actutelly was listening to it when i did this post! But I also like other song like Iron man by Black Sabbith and banaran by skrillex! 😀  😛

                                                      What are your favourite songs?

                                                      Do you like GANGNAM style?

                                                     Do you know GANGNAM style?

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Ghost’s and evil spirits

Hello Pigman here!                                                                                             All most everyone knows about vampires, zombies, werewolves, demons,   monster and most inportanly ghosts!  I know it may sound silly but I believe in ghosts evil spirits that never got buried cursed to wander the earth for all eternity! 😛 I don’t believe in zombies, vampires or werewolves but I do believe in ghosts and demons!  True evil people get cursed to be demon hated be everyone and everything! 😀  Some people say there house is hunted or there car is hunted or what ever!  I know a lot about ghost demons and other supernatral thing I like to study them when ever I have spare time!

                                                     Do you believe in supernatural monsters?

                                                                 Do you believe in ghosts?

                                                                  Is your house hunted?

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Hi everyone!                                                                                    

One of my favourite things to do is camp I LOVE IT!!  My favourite things to do when I go camping is have a BIG camp fire! 😀 I all ways go camping at Devils Kitchen there are heaps of old mines and there is a river its got every thing!!! XD  My uncle owns a block out at Devils Kitchen so we all ways camp there! He has a camper trailer out there so we sleep in that! 😛  🙂   We also go and chop down trees to make room for were my uncles new house will be and so we have wood for the fire! 🙂

                                                 What is your favourite place to camp?

                                     What is your favourite thing to do when you go camping?

                                              Do you have a camp fire when you go camping?


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Darren Shan

Hi everyone it’s me again!

My most favourite books are done by Darren Shan the number one master of horror! I’am addicted to horror books and I have been on a search to find the best horror books of all time, and Darren Shan is number ONE!  He dose child horror books which are the saga and adult horror books which are known as the Demonata my favourite are the adult horror! 😀   In the sires of the Demonata the book are Lord loss, Demon thief, Slawter, Bec, Blood best, Demon apocalypse, Death’s shadow, Wolf island, Dark calling and Hell’s heroes!  🙂  I’am only up to number two Demon thief. 😛

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite type of book?                    

Have you red Darren Shan?

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Hello everyone!

I am doing this post because I play basketball and so do meny other people.  I am in a team called the Manta rays! But the judge said I was to old to PLAY!  What!

Anyway the Manta rays players are Harry, Sam, Max, Charlie, Campbull, Max, Robbie, Cody  and the people that used to be in the team where Ethen, Finn and ME!  By the way when I said Max and Max it wasn’t a mistake there are two Max’s in the team Max.M and Max.P.

Do you have a team?                                                                                 

If you did have a team what would you name it and what people would you have in it?

Do you like to play basketball?

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Minecraft the game

Hi everyone!

My favorite game is Minecraft a game were the only limit is your imagination!  Its a game of survival where you have to make a shelter before night, hunt for food and Collete ores! There are three modes creative, survival and hard core. There are also enemies such as creepers, skeletons, spiders, bats, witches and zombies!

                          what is your favorite game?                       gameinformer.comtre

                          Do you like Minecraft?                                        

             what are your favorite types of games?                                                   


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